Friday, October 6, 2017

Felting a Rug from a Fleece

I will not go into detail about felting, but here are some pictures and tips on
how I felted a whole sheep fleece.

I used a double-coated fleece from our Gabby. ❤

Her fleece was very well connected.  

 I used a slick tarp so there was no friction on the other side. 

 I felted in sections and started at the edges to prevent the fleece from spreading out. 

 It took about 8 hours. 😅
We rolled it up and remove the tarp, then rolled it back out to wash all the soap out by spraying it with the water hose, rolling the fleece up to press the water out and rolling it out again
to spray(on both sides), repeated it until the water came out clear. 

After rolling up the felted and washed fleece we pressed out as much water as we could by walking on the roll. Then we unrolled it, gathered it up and put it into the wash machine on the spin cycle.

I left it to dry for at least 2 days.
Some small thin spots I had to needle felt.

Okay so we are not using it as a rug but as a bedspread.😀

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