Monday, April 4, 2016

A Woolly Adventure

In March 2016 we acquired 3 Wool-Sheep. I have always been fascinated by wool and its possibilities.

                                                                       Meet Milly,
Shetland Sheep

Biddy & Gabby

                                          1/2 Tunis                      1/2 Navajo Churro
                                          1/4 Navajo Churro        1/4 Friesian
                                          1/8 Friesian                   1/4 Blue Faced Leicester
                                          1/8 Blue Faced Leicester

Here are some pictures of this adventure.

Before and ...
 after shearing.

 Raw Wool

Washing the Wool
With hot water (120 F°) and Dawn dish soap

Getting the water out on the spin cycle

Laying it out to dry

Carding the fiber

Pulling off roving

Spinning The wool
Link to video:

Plying the wool

Winding a skein

Knitting a scarf

Finished product.

This took about one month in-between doing other things.
   I have watched lots of YouTube videos and did some research online.
I don't think I will ever be an expert in this, but it is indeed a very rewarding hobby.